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    Simply Ducky Designs can help you bring your business to the next level.

    Simply Ducky Designs provides Website Design services

    Website Design

    Affordable, mobile-friendly website design for your organization or business.

    Simply Ducky Designs: Training


    Bring maintenance of your Social Media or Website in-house with customized training sessions.

    Website Monitoring


    From monitoring your website and ensuring it’s health to handling updates and new content, we will be there for you.

    Your Business Online!

    We don’t just build websites, we build relationships.

    We’ll listen to you, understand your business, and put the?real you online. No industry standard templates. No cookie cutter websites.

    Your business deserves its own, unique site.

    Stand Out In The Crowd


    Your website is only as valuable to your business as it is visible. Simply Ducky Designs will ensure that your site works across all devices and is easily found by all major search engines and social media networks.


    Mobile Friendly

    Your website will look and work great on smaller sceens found on smartphones and tablets. Don’t miss out on valuable business with frustrated mobile users again.

    Search Engine Optimized

    We ensure that your content and your business is noticed- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives search engines the tools they need to direct people to your site.

    Social Media Friendly

    Using tools such as Open Graph Protocol, we ensure that social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn understand how to share your media correctly.

    Take Control of Your Website


    At Simply Ducky Designs we strongly encourage all of our clients to consider training in how to maintain or update your website content. We’ll always be here to help you with content updates and edits to your site but if you can handle some (or all) of that in-house, why wouldn’t you??

    Although we have experience with Joomla, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, and others, we specialize in the use of the WordPress Content Management System. In particular we use the Divi Visual Builder & Theme to bring your website to life and ensure you have the best possible experience while updating your site.


    Divi Visual Builder Screenshot
    Divi Logo

    Drag & Drop Building


    Full Undo & Redo Controls


    Responsive Design


    Visual Editor


    Drag & Drop Building

    No Software License Fees

    The Divi Visual Builder is a premium theme with an annual fee – which is waived for the lifespan of your website from Simply Ducky.

    Infinitely Flexible

    With Divi you’ll be able to rapidly edit that website on the front end – no code, no jargon, just click and edit.

    Easy to Use

    Divi is an advanced system but is modular in nature – meaning you can choose how complex or simple you want your experience to be.

    Experience Counts


    Simply Ducky Designs has been helping people create and manage their online presence since 2009. Work with an experienced company that values your business and treats you as more than just another file.


    Clear Communication

    From an initial meeting to regular feedback, we’ll be in touch with you throughout your project.


    Keep It Simple

    Plain language explanations and a willingness to work at your pace – you’ll never feel out of your depth.


    Pay For Work Completed

    With a low hourly rate and all work recorded in ten minute increments, you only pay for what we finish.



    Simply Ducky Designs Works With You

    Owning a website can be intimidating and the technical hurdles confusing. Let Simply Ducky break it down into a plain-language conversation. We take the confusion out of bringing your organization online and have a considerable amount of experience in doing so.



    No one knows your business like you. We’re here to listen, to ask questions, and better understand your needs.



    We’ll work with you to bring your vision to life. We offer advice and expertise – we do not dictate.



    We’re always available to help – whether it’s training, upgrades to your website, or even handling content updates.

    Simply Ducky Designs: Crispin Cornect

    Crispin Cornect

    Web Designer
    & Trainer

    Simply Ducky Designsl: Ashley Bouchie

    Kassie Chisholm

    Content Manager
    & Layout Specialist

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